Laser toners are advanced and most reliable resource for printing. Laser toner is used with laser printer to produce sharp printing without lacking quality. It’s different than tradition liquid ink as they are in form of powder, which is a mixture of carbon, polymer and some other minerals. Toner is stored in a plastic box known as cartridge which is very hard in compatibility. Laser toners are an advanced technology for printing, even they are new in technology it took almost 70% of inkjet usage due to its extraordinary features.

We often get flawless prints with liquid ink due to their inferior quality however laser toners are not an ordinary formula which everyone can create. It needs certain amount of different minerals in it to produce quality results so mostly cheap imitation manufacturers cannot make them. Beside that they are also capable of producing both color and black printing with full authority and quality.



Few consumers are still using tradition inkjets by assuming that laser toners are expensive in price and also produce high price prints. The real thing is not as they think, because they are priced high due to more quantity. Single inkjet cartridge can produce up to 2500 prints however on the other hand, toner cartridge produce up to 7000 prints with single toner cartridge. You can easily differentiate between their quantity and price. Number of prints varies in separate laser printer however with HP Q2612A toner you will get same number of prints as I mentioned above.

Here are some more advantages that are must to share with you so you will make a correct decision while selecting them.

Benefits of laser toners:

  1. Toner cartridges are more reliable resource in sense of black and color printing both. In inkjet cartridge you will only get best image printing with more ink usage so it’s better to select laser toners if you want to enjoy both color and black printing.
  2. Laser toners with help of laser printer produce more sharp prints without dropping your quality. Laser printer can produce up to 25 prints per minute which is very high speed and suitable for large organizations where heavy number of printout are taken daily.
  3. Easily accessible over all local and online stores due to huge demand. However if you are using compatible laser toners, always try to buy them from quality manufacturers like INKJET UK by avoiding fake vendors.
  4. In price comparison with inkjet they are cheap in long run. You can easily compare their price by printing same number of prints that single laser toner can produce. After calculating you will found them below than inkjet cartridges with more superior quality.

These are the main advantages of using laser toners however if you are worried about high price of original toner cartridges than visit laser toners for high quality guaranteed laser printer ink.